In Pursuit of Ethics

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In Pursuit of Ethics is an interactive, discussion-based program designed to stimulate honest, fair behavior.

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Trust, respect and money all can be earned. Trust and respect can enhance one's ability to make money, but no amount of money can buy genuine trust or respect.

When faced with an ethical choice, most people really know the right thing to do. However, the promise of personal gain or complications of ego can cloud judgment, letting people rationalize their way to making unethical choices. It often takes courage to be ethical. By helping participants understand how their own decisions and actions will have consequences, In Pursuit of Ethics promotes the real-world rewards of establishing a good reputation.

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In Pursuit of Ethics takes advantage of the latest web technologies to deliver a rich interactive experience. The interactivity involved in creating this experience requires that participants use the most modern browser available.

Any browser that supports the HTML5 video tag, JavaScript & cookies will work. We recommend using the latest release of either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to provide the best experience.

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