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Welcome to Pursuit of Ethics

The IPoE Program

BBB’s In Pursuit of Ethics program is an interactive ethics class that immerses participants in a situational dynamic with an ethical question at its core. In Pursuit of Ethics is comprised of online video modules that address multiple ethical dilemmas. A facilitator engages the group with the topic’s ethical question and discusses cause and effect scenarios that play out in front of them. Each “what if” illustrates the impact of the person’s decision making process and the consequences attached to this crossroads choice.

EDUCATORSIn Pursuit of Ethics is utilized by college, high school, and junior high school teachers across North America, not only for character education, but also for critical thinking, problem solving, interpersonal communication skills and emotional intelligence. This program will assist in providing students with the necessary skills to be productive and marketable members of the workforce. When a student finishes the program, he/she will receive a Certificate of Completion stating they are BBB Ethics Certified, which is a great differentiator in the world of applications and resumes.

CorporateIn Pursuit of Ethics is a powerful tool for businesses to utilize to help promote the corporate culture and ethics code of its organization. It is paramount that a business defines and communicates its requirements not only for the stated job but also for the work ethic, culture, and character expectations that are sought to be a valued employee. Your business can use this program to create behavioral awareness and instruct and guide your employees to work and portray your business’ principles.

Our Businesses Impacting the Community

At BBB, we believe that operating with consistent principles builds relationships within your organization and community. When you operate with accountability, honesty, and fairness, your reputation for being a trustworthy and ethical company grows.

Mission and Objective

Our Mission
To incorporate BBB’s dynamic interactive In Pursuit of Ethics program into schools, businesses, government agencies, and other organizations, to create awareness and to enhance the level of ethical standards and principles of everyday decision making.
Our Objective
In Pursuit of Ethics aspires to assist employees and students in recognizing that ethical questions can stem from everyday dilemmas. This program seeks to raise individuals’ self awareness regarding their decision making processes and the possible consequences for both themselves and others involved. With increased recognition of their actions, comes the ability to make better choices. In Pursuit of Ethics program is a shared experience that will unify your organization’s principles.
What Others are Saying About Us

Hear from participants how IPoE
educates, enlightens and entertains.

Ethics Programs Don’t Have to Be Boring …

Scott R.

“I thought the videos were done really well. I was really happy with it.”

John R.

“Over the years, I have taken many different ethics classes and the one that I’ve liked the most is the Better Business Bureau program.”

Julie P.

“I’ve gone through many ethics classes. This class is the best I’ve attended. Good job!”

Suzanne R.

"100% of my students felt that the module helped them better understand or reinforced the way they felt about honesty in the workplace. Just knowing right from wrong isn’t enough—people have to CHOOSE right from wrong.”

Michelle S.

“I would definitely tell people, if you have to take an ethics class, this is the class to take!”

Michael M.

“The program led to some very interesting conversations in my classroom. It was a good starting base for deeper classroom discussions on ethics. Both students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed it. I plan to use it again next year.”


In Pursuit of Ethics Partnership Program

For over 100 years, BBB has helped people to identify trustworthy business practices. Marketplace demands caused the mission to expand to include monitoring of business performance and providing consumers with vital information on actual activities of businesses. BBB continues to believe that most marketplace problems can be corrected through voluntary self-regulation. To further advance this concept and to enhance marketplace trust, BBB has developed the In Pursuit of Ethics program.

As a BBB Accredited Business, you already hold the trust of your community. BBB invites you to participate in our quest to encourage each of us to operate at a higher standard by incorporating the In Pursuit of Ethics program into your organization’s training. This program advances the corporate values and culture of your organization.


In Pursuit of Ethics Sponsorship Program

BBB showcases a locally created ethics program that utilizes critical thinking, problem solving, and interpersonal skills in the decision-making process. By incorporating interactive ethics training in junior highs, high schools, and colleges, children and young adults will be provided a stronger foundation from which to make principled decisions. Upon completion of the program, students will be considered Ethics Certified by BBB and awarded a Certificate of Completion. This Certification can be added to student applications and resumes, which will differentiate them from competing applicants. In addition, business partners that utilize the IPoE program will recognize its logo and know that these students have already been trained in ethical behaviors, which will enhance their desirability as a new hires. Will your business help bring this program to your local school district through Sponsorship?

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For more information regarding the In Pursuit of Ethics Program, Partnerships, Sponsorships, Continuing Education, or presenting the program in your school or business, or Education Classes, please contact
Diana Lingle, Foundation Director.

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