About Us

In Pursuit of Ethics is the culmination of over 100 years of experience working with business owners, employees, and consumers. More than 100 BBB’s across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico are committed to the belief that most marketplace problems, including ethics questions, can be addressed through voluntary self-regulation. The In Pursuit of Ethics program is one such empowering self-regulation tool.

BBB believes that by incorporating interactive ethics training in businesses and schools, employees and young adults will be provided a stronger foundation from which to make principled decisions. In Pursuit of Ethics is used to enhance trustworthy business practices, voluntary self-regulation and marketplace trust. The program is an interactive class that immerses participants in a situational dynamic with an ethical question at its core.

Ethics training that makes a difference is internalized. It should be memorable, relevant and entertaining. That is where BBB’s program is unique. A winner of two Telly Awards and a Communicator Award of Distinction, the program provides practical lessons that can be immediately applied to everyday life.

Each online video module of In Pursuit of Ethics is designed for optimum learning and retention through:

Studies show that humans love stories and that stories ignite learning. With situations that participants recognize and realistic human characters that inspire identification, each module of IPoE is based on actual cases, which further ads to its realism.

Participants don’t just watch the interactive modules of In Pursuit of Ethics; they are immediately required to get involved. They are placed in the middle of situations and make choices based on their own personal reactions and experiences. Feedback on their choice outcomes is immediate and goes beyond words because participants see how their choices affect the characters in the stories.

There is no solitary learning with IPoE. Each module contains stopping points where the action in the story can act as a catalyst for conversation. With the assistance of a facilitator, employees or students share their own ideas on which of the available choices would be the ethical one. Be prepared for surprises. The choices and consequences are anything but obvious. It is a lot like real life. This kind of consequence based interaction with peers makes the ethical lessons all the more likely to be remembered and applied.