Ethics Programs Don’t Have to Be Boring …

Scott R.

“I thought the videos were done really well. I was really happy with it.”

John R.

“Over the years, I have taken many different ethics classes and the one that I’ve liked the most is the Better Business Bureau program.”

Julie P.

“I’ve gone through many ethics classes. This class is the best I’ve attended. Good job!”

Suzanne R.

"100% of my students felt that the module helped them better understand or reinforced the way they felt about honesty in the workplace. Just knowing right from wrong isn’t enough—people have to CHOOSE right from wrong.”

Michelle S.

“I would definitely tell people, if you have to take an ethics class, this is the class to take!”

Michael M.

“The program led to some very interesting conversations in my classroom. It was a good starting base for deeper classroom discussions on ethics. Both students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed it. I plan to use it again next year.”

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